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LFE Sports Capital ‘LFE-SC’ is a sports structured finance (‘SSF’) company providing finance globally to sports clubs. We originate deals by designing structured finance products using sound principles, rules and proprietary techniques. Through sponsorship agreements, betting companies also provide significant financial support to sports clubs. Such businesses have entered sponsorship agreements worth billions of dollars with teams as a form of promotion and exposure. A variety of wagering opportunities for betting enthusiasts worldwide has risen due to online betting apps for every OS. There are more and more sports available for wagering.

The most-watched sports events in the world

The number of sports fans around the world is uncountable and sports betting has further increased the number of people looking forward to different sports events. Betting has increased the excitement and interest in the fans to watch sports as money is involved. However, everyone will not be able to go to the stadium and watch the game live. The TV broadcasts are a boon for sports fans around the world who are unable to watch the games live in the stadium. The live broadcasts of these events give the same feeling to the audience. Here are some of the most-watched sports events in the world.

Tour de France

This is one of the greatest cycling events that takes place in France every summer. Along with being prestigious, it is one of the difficult competitions and the course of the cycling is the beautiful mountain roads of the country. There are 21 stages in the race and the distance is around 2,200 miles for about 23 days. Participants will be an 8-member team fighting together to reach the fastest aggregate time. Beginning in 1903, this race is one of the largest sports events around the world. According to a recent article, the worldwide audience of the Tour de France is approximately 3.5 billion every year.

World Cup of Soccer

The World Cup of Soccer is one of the largest events in terms of popularity. The tournament consists of 32 teams from the national soccer teams around the world. The winner will be crowned the champion of the season. The event is held once every four years and is one of the greatest events in the world of sports, attracting vast attendance numbers each season. The final game of 1950 has the record of holding the biggest attendance ever for a sporting event in a confined stadium with spectators 199,854. The TV viewership of the Soccer World Cup was about 3.262 billion in 2018.

Cricket World Cup

Cricket is a sports event with a huge fan following in different parts of the world. The Cricket World Cup is considered to be an international championship held for One Day International cricket. The competition will have ten teams and goes on for up to six weeks. The tournament is held every four years. The 2019 Cricket World Cup was held in Wales and England and it has a record of the most-watched event of cricket with a viewership of about 2.6 billion.

Summer Games

The Summer Games offer a wide variety of various sports events along with loser stories, unbelievable personal triumphs, record-breaking achievements of endurance and strength, and a great opportunity to display national pride. People around the world anxiously wait to cheer for their country. The Summer Games take place once every four years at one of the most beautiful destinations in the world. It is one of the sports events with huge attendance. The global reach of the game is about 2 billion, with many people watching the event on their television sets.

By introducing sophisticated structured finance products to this marketplace LFE-SC is set to be biggest disruptor in sports, media and entertainment financing in 2019 and beyond.

About us

LFE Sports Capital ‘LFE-SC’ is a sports structured finance (‘SSF’) company providing finance globally to sports clubs. We originate deals by designing structured finance products using sound principles, rules and proprietary techniques.

LFE-SC utilises a proprietary transaction evaluation model applying quantitative and qualitative approaches.
Having reach is one thing, but execution is the key to the LFE-SC business success. With that in mind, the LFE-SC team is comprised of both structured finance practitioners and sports finance professionals, and the subsequent arrival of LFE-SC is from the joining of forces of these professionals which brings a team together that has executed over 150 sports finance deals over the last 15 years.In addition, we also invest in sports stocks considering the well-being of athletes. Now, as anyone can Aktien kaufen mit Paypal, anyone can try it out to make a worthwhile investment.

SSF product suite:

Secured Bonds

Single and multi-tranche collateralised debt obligations

Collateralised Loan Obligations

Whole/part Company Securitisations

These products enable the beneficiary to realise future cashflows in advance, utilising structured finance techniques and where possible keeping such deals on an ‘off balance sheet’ basis.

LFE-SC has the following Football product suite to combine its SSF structures enabling a vast product offering for any football club in any country to tap
  • Player Transfer financing
  • Overseas Player Transfer Financing
  • Basic Award payments financing
  • Payroll financing
  • Sponsorship payment financing
  • Player Squad value financing
  • Cash flow management
  • Broadcasting money financing
  • Receivables financing
  • Season ticket financing
  • Stadia and training ground financing

LFE-SC operates on a global basis. The following sports are within the remit of LFE-SC

Professional Association Football (Soccer)





Rugby Union

Rugby League


Ice Hockey

American Football

Diversified Offerings

LFE-SC also looks at entertainment and stadia revenue maximisation projects such as: